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Tuesday, March 17, 2009


OK, so I haven't blogged here in a little while. Nothing much happening lately mostly because I am busy ;). However, I had switched my laptop back to Fedora 10, and I am very happy with it. Of course, still need to do some tweaking/optimizing/customization, but that comes with the territory.

I put on my old desktop temporarily Fedora 10. Both machines btw are using Gnome. I may change my Desktop environment to XFCE to try that out, being that it is an older machine. Need to come up w/ a game plan still on installing Linux from scratch. there is an LFS site, and so I may use that to familiarize myself. This should be fun once I find the time!

One last piece of info... I have a laptop here at work that we somehow got because someone decided to leave that in place of one of ours when they left a remote site. Not sure what the deal is on that. Anyway, old laptop w/ Pentium III processor, and 128MB ram. I decided to wipe the drive because we where unsure what type of info was on it, and didn't want to risk someones important info going out if there was any. It was running W2k, but since it has nothing, and we are sending it to Terrapin Trader possibly, I am going to be nice and put an OS on it... and of course it will be Linux! I am tempted to do that w/ all laptops we send off to Terrapin Trader now :) Hey! It's free, with no need for any licenses, and I can put the same image on all the machines and be good to go! Best idea ever imho.

Anyway, you may see that I have 'registered' myself as a Linux user at a site: Just joined and was able to link my 'sticker' per se to my blog. I think it's neat at least.

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  1. I think that's a great idea Jeff. Giving people machines w/o any OS is just annoying. At least this way they can use it before putting Windows on it, and it introduces Linux to a few more (unsuspecting) folks. :)