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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Linux bio... of sorts

Well, I guess I can start a dialogue here by saying what I have used, and what I want to do eventually. First off, I got an Associates degree in Computer Network Management in which I took the track for UNIX/Linux admin. I actually took classes in Windows and Novell admin as well, but I really was in it for the UNIX part, to the point I took both semesters of it. It gave me a good insight as to how to manage a system, but to be honest, I really wish I had real world expieriance in UNIX System admin... very hard to come by really.

So, that being said, I have a good handle in knowing my way around Linux as far as administration goes. As far as building a system, well, Distros are handy now-a-days for that. I've been around the block there as well. My main distro that I like to use on my main Linux Box is Fedora Core, because Red Hat/Fedora was what we used in College. Sure most the shell comands are the same throughout most distros, but as far as getting to know things like using RPM's and all, I have grown more accustomed to them. I am no fan boy however. I have used others such as Ubuntu and OpenSuSE as well. While I wasn't too keen on Ubuntu (I don't like how they overly protect the root... I know what I am doing, and when I was trying to get some drivers to work it proved to be a pain in the ass) I do have to say I like OpenSuSE on my old laptop - I didn't have to work so hard on some drivers as they did a pretty good job on having them packaged, that and YaST was pretty good at configuring them once I got the correct drivers on board.

What I am wanting to do - Basicly this blog is going to be used for a few purposes. I would like to have it as a place I can openly document my work on getting a system up and running starting with getting the kernel up and running, and going from there on installing and configuring a system to something workable. Then, eventually I would like to run a mock system, with users that I can administer, perhaps to the point of getting some people on and using it to work on as well. I don't know, but it's a thought at least. Just having a place to put my thoughts on all my work really is what I want, and hopfully I can find some people interested and comment on things!


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